Adalo 2.0

Build Once,
Publish Everywhere.

Build Your App Once, Publish It Everywhere.

Now, with Adalo 2.0, you don’t have to decide which type of app to build — you can create them all. Responsive apps with Adalo give you the flexibility to build for all screen sizes, with the added benefit of publishing to any platform: web, native iOS, or Android. 

the only app-builder with universal publishing. 

With other tools, you have to decide which platform you want to build for — not on Adalo. Build for screen size, and we’ll publish to any platform. No need to complicate the process of building the same app multiple times. 

Decide When Changes Go Live with Web Publishing

Just like native publishing, changes to your responsive web app won’t take effect for your users until you press publish. Feel confident in creating a user experience worth showing off… but not until you choose to. 

That’s Just the Beginning…

adalo + xano

Store Your Data (Including Users) Outside Adalo with Xano

The most powerful and scaleable backend now directly integrates with Adalo and can host all your data. Perfect for anyone who needs *just a little bit* more out of their database.

If Adalo wasn’t for you before, it is now.

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Adalo 2.0… We’re Not Just Mobile, Anymore

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